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A poster for doll lovers

There are men who have fantasies for an image, for a look, for hair, and some even have a crush on a doll. In fact, according to the analysis of the manufacturers of these sex dolls, men who buy and adopt them at home do so for its presence in their lives.

The plastic doll is an art to admire

We can't say that sex dolls have really brought an evolution to people's sentimental life. They have simply put the chip in the ear that one can love in the freest way that is. There are those who love the same sex as him, others love his dog, a hamburger, and why not make his life with a male sex doll. She is not so different from a real human after all, she has a head as well caricatured as it is with her real hair, well made and palpable breasts, her hips with navel, vagina, anus, mouth, etc.

The doll is classified as this disabled person

Let's say it's just a disabled woman because she can't command her body and she doesn't talk. With the evolution of science, the dolls got a skeletal shape that will allow them to stand up, bend their arms and legs and turn their heads. And if later, a brain is introduced into the head of sex dolls, they would be the most extraordinary humanoid work that will not compare at all like the robot doll.

The doll is a treasure to take care of

For its partner and owner, this doll is so precious because it costs a fortune. Therefore, he devotes time to its maintenance. In the morning, he has to take a shower and put talcum powder everywhere. He will spend time putting makeup on her, dressing her, doing her hair and putting on jewelry.

This doll has become the real toy of men, and that they are very strict to leave her in the arms of another, that he becomes very protective.